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Casa del Mar Cozumel Hotel & Dive Resort is situated by the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea, 4.5 km south of the Island. It is only 10 minutes from the centre of San Miguel de Cozumel, and the famous Paraíso Reef is just a short trip away.

Casa del Mar Cozumel Hotel & Dive Resort is also located just a short stroll away from both TMM International Port and Puerta Maya pier, the most important terminal ports of Cozumel.


Distance to: Km or miles
Cozumel International Airport 6.0 Km / 3.7 mi
San Miguel de Cozumel 4.5 Km / 2.8 mi
Museum 4.5 K.m. / 2.8 mi
Cozumel Convention center 3.5 K.m / 2.0 mi
Chankanaab National Park 6.0 K.m. / 3.7 mi
Nachi Cocom Beach Club 10 K.m. / 6.2 mi
Punta Langosta Pier 3.0 K.m / 1.8 mi
TMM International Pier 60 Mts / .37 mi
Sn Miguel Passanger Ferry 4.5 K.m. / 2.8 mi
Puerta Maya Pier 1.0 K.m / .62 mi
Cozumel Country Club 10 k.m./ 6.2 mi