Weddings & Events


Legal Ceremony

Each individual must present the following 72 hours in advance:

  • Original passport or birth certificate with apostille (annotation) from Secretary of State where the certificate is registered. Birth certificate must be accompanied with a valid government-issued photo ID with matching name passports are required for travel to Mexico.
  • Copy of tourist card.
  • Medical certificate (blood test) issued within 20 days of the wedding date. It is recommended that the blood test be taken in Mexico, where the medical certificate can be obtained in one day. If taken in the United States, verification of the tests will need to be obtained by a Mexican doctor.
  • Four witnesses, above the age of 18, are required.
  • Mexican nationals need a copy of their official I.D.
  • American citizens need a copy of their tourist card and I.D.

There are no minimum stay requirements for couples getting married in Cozumel.

Non Legal Ceremony

Symbolic ceremonies are no requirements necessary. Range from vow exchange, special readings, and religious to non denominational sand ceremonies also available.